The world is mostly based on fakery, lies, disinformation, outright bullshit

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The world is mostly based on fakery, lies, disinformation, outright bullshit

Post  Lesley Niyori on Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:26 pm

Today, I'm coping with fakery.

And not having a lot of fun or success with it.

Today I reported Facebook 3 friend requests as spam. And I blocked yet 2 more 'followers' I had never heard of before.

It's not just the bullshit news that can't be trusted. Fake is everywhere it seems.

Angel is suffering from TERFs making her life hell. For me, it is clearly fake men on online dating.
Then there is all of those Christians who clearly can't fucking read their fucking book. Jesus never taught judgemental hate.

How many people do you know online? Actually, know. I mean address and phone number kinda knowing. If you had the time and the money, could you go visit them? Do you even know what they look like? For real?

My Facebook Friend List has one solid requirement to be on it. I have to actually KNOW you.
If you show up out of the blue and ask to be on my Friend List and I don't know you, the answer is no. If you are in India I report you as spam. No English on your profile and I report as spam.

When it comes to dating, if you ain't coming to date within a week it's fuck off fake/loser.

I am not fucking joking around when I say I'm 6 years old.
Anyone unable to interact with me over that in a friendly fashion is just not really interested in seriously being friendly in what I call a safe space.

I don't consider a person a friend just because they are transgender.
I've met plenty of people that were transgender, and they were not really friends.
Friendship can be fake.

The internet is so easy to be fake on.
I'm behind a screen. You can't see me. Good thing too, I'm just sitting here in panties Smile
But my avatar is my real self.
My account name is my legal name on my ID.
I am 'out'. What you see is who I am all day every day outside in public.

I am here because Celia is a real friend.
I feel safe on Celia's forum.
I am confident she won't tolerate unfriendly behaviour.
If you think something I have posted is wrong, TELL HER.
I might not have been thinking eh.

There are no fancy guidelines here, but we are expected to behave.

This forum isn't a fake safe place.

It's real.

I'm 6 years old, 6 years of experiences, it hasn't been easy.
Most of my last 3 years have been suffering example after example of how fake the adult world seems to be.
Maybe the single kindest thing life has done TO me, is send me back to childhood and deleted all my jaded fakery of my past previous occupant.
I don't need to make peace with that past, I can't even recall it.
His memories are just postcards from someone who is gone now.

I have no real burning desire to be an adult. I'm not in a hurry to grow up.
Yeah, I have the annoying urge to find a man.
Oh if I could just turn that off.
I was told, "You might need to wait as long as 18 months to get sufficiently sensation in your clitoris to get any thrill out of having one." I have a few months left to get to 18 months. I haven't even tried it to see if it works. I don't think I even want to know. Why bother? Why open that door?
Sex and sexuality are part of the adult experience.
I'd rather stay behind in child mode.
Children aren't fake like adults.
They say the darndest things. They spit out the truth without pondering putting a spin on it.

I love having my sense of wonder back.
I like my imagination being fresh and vibrant again.

Adults have trouble with me, because, I truly think they are expecting me to be as fake as them.
Surely Lesley must be not telling the truth, she 'looks' like an adult.
And that's just not the case.

Yeah, I'm exceedingly articulate.
Yeah, I'm highly educated.
Knowledge is just knowledge though eh. Just information.
And I'm just good at assembling sentences.
The way some kids are awesome on a piano at age 6.
Ok, I can't play a piano, but, I sure can write.

But I'm tired of the fakery of the adult world.

Hi, I'm the forum's resident brat
I find it important to point out I am indeed the first member here Smile
Lesley Niyori

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