Gender doesn't exist.

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Gender doesn't exist.

Post  Angelic on Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:20 pm

I will admit it, I cry. But when other people come into the room I try to hide it and pretend I am fine. It is this overwhelming fear I have that I must act a certain way when people are around.

And this is why I say gender is not real. When I see something sad or emotional on the TV, I will admit it: I bawl. But only when it is sincere. My dad is the same way. When he watches my little pony he cries. But my mom does nothing. Does not seem emotionally effected. Even at real life tragedies my dad and me always cry more than my mom. This is why I say gender is not real.

And my dad is not a pansy. He is one scary motherfucker if you get on his bad side. You would not want to get in a physical fight with him. But on the other hand, he is terrible with a handgun. He could not hit the broad side of a barn at 5 yards. It is not that he does not like handguns, he just cannot get good with it. Rifles though he seems to be better with.

Anyway, gender is not real. All that exists is sex, the penis goes into the vag. Anything else is made up, imaginary. A futa is just a beautiful female form with a dick. They are not women or a man, women and men do not truly exist.

When I cry sometimes i feel enormous love and compassion for whoever it is. And want nothing more than all human beings to be happy and to be loved. And I try not to think of the negative and just think of the good of people and wanting them to be loved.

In the year 3000 people will finally understand my views. There will be a button to change your body into anything, man woman or anything. And they will finally understand that gender does not exist. People will change into a Tom on wednesday, and a Suzie on Monday. It will be like the internet. On the internet people have whatever avatar they please, man woman or whatever, inanimate object even. And they transcend gender. It will be like this.

That is not to say that transgenderism is not real. Transgenderism is real, because you may want to express and do certain things that males are shamed for doing. So you may want to have a female form, in order to be treated a certain way and allowed to do certain things. Then there may be a second part of it, where you hate the body you had be given. For instance when I am naked and wearing nothing but tighty whities, I see my flab, my slight hair on my belly, and my bulging dick. It makes me feel like a tribal elder and I hate it. It feels like not the body I identify as. I identify as a teenage, my little pony female of highschool, and yet the universe gave me this body of a jungle tribal elder.

People will begin to understand that transgenderism is not a defect, due to the parable of the runt. Imagine you were a runt, a cripple, and wanting nothing more than to be a famous sports star and live an active and healthy lifestyle. But you can't because you are trapped in the body you have been given. Therefore, feeling trapped in the wrong body is not a mental illness, but a symptom of mental sanity.

Second, the only way gender is real, is if there is a misandrist conspiracy against all males. That true males love wearing soft and fabulous women's clothes, makeup, and smelling good with perfume. And to be truly male you want to have a vagina and no dick. And that true males are nurturing, loving, and cry more than females. But there is a massive conspiracy to invert gender, and change the gender of males to be the opposite of males, and to make them listen to macho rap music, and make them drink jello and koolaid pudding instead of wholesome, organic foods. If that conspiracy exists, then gender is real, but inverted from the true essence of it. If no such conspiracy exists, then gender is not real.

The internet is interfering with our gender. We are afraid to speak our minds afraid of being bullied or attacked for our views. Furthermore the internet is saturated with sour news, we learn to fear instead of love the internet.

So my posts are courageous because, I overcome my fear of the internet.

This is why, long drives in the middle of nature are soothing, because it us lets escape that oppressive feeling of judgement by society.

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