transphobia in episodes?

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transphobia in episodes?

Post  Angelic on Tue Aug 14, 2018 11:33 am

So I was watching an Episode of Criminal Minds. In the episode was a Mexican Rapist, who was a transsexual. But I don't think the episode was transphobic, just racist of mexicans.

For example, the American men of CSI told the Mexican police to look for a transsexual. And then the mexican police rounded up all the transsexuals of Mexico and then the American's facepalmed, said there was only 1 transsexual on the loose and to let the rest of them go.

In the beginning the mexicans falsely arrested a homosexual. The American's begged to exonerate and let the homosexual go. The American's 4th-walled an explanation saying that homosexuals in mexican prisons would be killed instantly. That even a minor crime would be an accidental death sentence for any homosexual in mexico. That all mexican homosexuals had to be closet.

The episode was not transphobic. Rather, it was racist. Depicting Mexicans as these savages, macho bigots as extreme homophobes and the mexican women as completely transphobic. The cause as to the rape was explained: His workplace was ran by a woman, who bullied him for not being as macho as the other men. When she discovered women's clothes, she made him a laughing stock and fired him. So he began to rape women. But when he raped the women, they all just laughed at him, they bullied him even when he raped them, shamed him for being trans, and he would not even feel power and control even when he was raping them.

So the episode is racist, depicting mexicans as these horrible transphobic monsters. That being said, even if it is racist, is the episode true or false? Maybe mexican homosexuals are 100% killed in prison, either in the past or even today. If that is the case, banning mexicans can be argued as a humanitarian effort by Trump, except for one major flaw: Failure to unban the homosexual and transsexual mexicans. If I was president, I would be a true humanitarian with no hypocrisy: I would unban all homosexual and transsexual mexicans (as long as they don't have aids) and bring them here.  If these are hot homosexuals and hot transsexuals, their existence could bring more love to america and alleviate many american incel's sexual frustration, thus reducing American depression and thus boosting the American economy and reducing school shootings.

Also, one more point I'd like to make about the episode, it seemed like in Mexico it was more acceptable to be trans than gay, but in America, it is the opposite, more acceptable to be gay than trans. And when I think about it it fills me with rage. I don't want to be viewed as a gay. I want to be viewed as a transwoman, which is a superior, and powerful being (and superior to cis too.)

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