psychology of the "f" word

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psychology of the "f" word

Post  Angelic on Sun Sep 16, 2018 2:46 pm

Let's talk about the psychology society has towards it being a fetish. I will explain how society is objectively insane. Afabs (assigned female at birth) wear skimpy clothes, booty jeans, showing nothing but their legs. And they get boob jobs to look more sexy, and spend 2 hours in the mirror to attract a mate and look sexy. I have talked with some afabs before, they told me sometimes they even lust at other women's sexy butts. And meanwhile, afabs get a free pass at looking sexy. But if a born male wants to look attractive, they call it a fetish.

And here is the objective proof society is collectively insane. The definition of a fetish is an attraction to a body part that is not the genitals. So technically speaking, all males are guilty of a fetish, if they lust for boobs. So the word fetish is anti-nature, it shames natural desires to lust for boobs. Second, lets say I have urges and wishes I had a vagina, because I like the sleek sexy smoothness because it makes me feel free and powerful, and beautiful and transcendent, like a nymphy female god. You can't call it a fetish because genitals cannot be a fetish.

So how can they use an anti-nature word, to claim transsexuals are being anti-nature? It makes no sense. It only makes sense to the insane. Let me prove again how society is insane.

Society claims men are obsessed with sex. I will prove how that is a delusion. For starters, when I was in highschool, I was sexually molested by many, many girls. I also went to a summer camp, the girls were obsessed with sex and being bi. Adult women are brainwashed to feel shame at sex, they are anti-nature. But lets talk about men.

I have moments where I feel like a true masculine man. Other moments I feel like a true feminine female. And here's why I hate being male. I can deal with having masculine feelings. But as soon as I look in the mirror I get this dysphoria, I hate looking like a man. But society wants to force me to be stuck in a body against my consent, yet they claim to be about consent. And what would Neitzche say? Neitzche said, something along the lines of, sick is the man who believes he ought to be what a man ought be. Then Neitzche also said, resist against feminization and softness. But like a Sith Lord I rebel against my master. I say, screw Neitzche I obey his earlier commandments, Neitzche shall not tell me what I ought to be. And as I overthrow my master, Neitzche secretly smiles, for this is the Neitzchean way.

Anyway, back to my main point. When I feel like a true masculine man I don't think about sex, I just think about sports and money. I dont think men inherently think about sex. What society does, its picks out some sissy who's obsessed with makeup and wearing women's clothes, and is obsessed with sex, and says "See? Men are obsessed with sex." Sissies and deviants are not examples of solid masculine men lol. 

In the olden days, there were men's only clubs because they didn't want to be distracted with sexual or romantic thoughts when a woman came nearby. Men were at their prime, when not thinking about sex. They got soft when they started to develop romantic or lustful thoughts. It was their krypotonite, the thing that made them less of a man. Thus, to say that sexual thoughts are the quintessence of masculinity, it nonsensical by nature.

And its like this. I hate being a sexually frustrated male, and I get dysphoria in the mirror. But I hate how society hates transpeople. So I am afraid to transition. So I just try to be a masculine man, who doesn't think about sex. But a part of me feels missing. I can't explain. Basically, I will explain. The girl inside me hates people a lot. Hates the internet. And she is really creative. But I can't express it because of the internet. And because art technology is behind my talents. And she can't stand things in bad taste. So I just show my man self to the world otherwise they'd have to deal with a woman who is more hateful and savage than Angelica from Rugrats. Hateful, and malicious, because of all the bad things they did to her and rude, unladylike names they called her. Hateful for all the years she was treated a certain way, due to the body they cursed her to be in, like some pathetic, miserable peasant! A princess, turned into a, pathetic, miserable peasant! How awful! Spoken from a supreme artist that is above anyone's pathetic human comprehension, a true misunderstood visionary that society is just too primitive to get.

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