Advertising at The Transgender Times

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Advertising at The Transgender Times

Post  Celia Eriksson on Sat May 26, 2018 10:56 pm

Hi Everyone!

Just to make things quite clear and open for all. The advertising you see at the header and sometimes the footer of The Transgender Times, is not for the benefit of either of the administrators. It helps pay for the site to be kept running and pays for the access upon which both Rebecca and I set up.

Should us happy band of gals and guys, (it is unlikely), ever fly and retain a few hundred users, of which a third or so are active, I shall contribute and beg for funding too, if it is agreed that we prefer to remove the advertising.

So please do not think that we are benefitting in any way or using you. The site was entirely set up by us to create a safe haven for transgender women and men to share all kinds of information and have some light fun too in the same style of the old tgboards. Hopefully, the TTT will remain just that, a safe haven without interference, unwanted attention or abuse from outside. Thanks everyone, Celia xx


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